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AASB Graduate Program

Emma O'Brien (2010)

Emma O'Brien

Emma completed the Dean’s Honours Program at Queensland University of Technology, graduating with a Bachelor of Business degree, with a major in Accounting (Honours), in 2009. Her Honours thesis examined the way in which Australian Not-For-Profit organisations report volunteer contributions of time.

Prior to taking up an AASB Graduate Intern position, Emma worked as a Financial Accounting tutor and research assistant at Queensland University of Technology.

At the AASB, Emma is working on a number of projects, including:
- GAAP/GFS Harmonisation
- Service Performance Reporting
- Consolidation
- Impairment of Statutory Receivables
- Heritage Assets

After completing the AASB Graduate Program, Emma accepted a position at BHP Billiton. Currently she is Principal Portfolio Strategy and Development at BHP.