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16 Sep. 2020

FRC announces appointments to the AASB for 2021

AASB Chair, Dr Keith Kendall, welcomed the appointment of three new members of the Australian Accounting Standards Board, as announced by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC).

New appointments to the AASB for 2021 are:

• Toby Langley, Executive General Manager – Head of Investor, Xero;
• Caroline Spencer, Auditor General for Western Australia; and
• Dean Hanlon, Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, Monash University

Dr Kendall said, “These new appointments continue the AASB’s pattern of having a good mix of relevant skills and perspectives on the Board. Toby brings to the Board the important perspective of users of financial statements, especially from an investor approach. Caroline continues the AASB’s strong connection with the Auditor-General community and Dean’s appointment will serve to strengthen further the AASB’s relationship with academia. I am very much looking forward to working with all three incoming members of the Board.”

Re-appointment to the AASB for 2021 is:

• Alison White, Partner, Deloitte.

These AASB appointments and re-appointments are on a part-time basis commencing from 1 January 2021 for three years.

Outgoing members from the AASB are:

• Kimberley Crook, Chair, New Zealand Accounting Standards Board;
• Carmen Ridley, Principal, Australian Financial Reporting Solutions;
• Ken Liow, Principal, Obsidian Capital; and
• Mike Blake, Deputy Chair, AASB and Member of International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board (IPSASB).

Dr Kendall, said “I farewell our outgoing members Carmen Ridley, Ken Liow and Mike Blake with gratitude for their significant contributions to the Board. Carmen’s expertise with small and medium-sized entities and not-for-profit entities has been instrumental in addressing income recognition issues in the NFP sector, as well as making significant progress in revising the Australian financial reporting framework. Ken’s investment experience in particular has provided critical insight into the needs of primary users of financial statements and he was pivotal to the formation of the AASB’s User Advisory Committee. Mike’s public sector perspective has greatly enhanced our standard-setting for that sector and he has also continued our strong relationship with the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board. I also note particular thanks to Mike for his support of the Board as Deputy Chair since February 2019.”

“I also wish to acknowledge the contribution of Kimberley Crook, who left the Board in June upon retiring as the Chair of the New Zealand Accounting Standards Board.  She kept the Board well-apprised of New Zealand and Trans-Tasman issues and developments, as well as contributing to all of the technical issues before the Board.”