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23 Feb. 2015

Tentative Agenda Decision – Recognition of Residual Value for Infrastructure Assets

The AASB has issued a tentative agenda decision in response to a request to clarify whether residual value, as defined in AASB 116 Property, Plant and Equipment, includes the cost savings from the re-use of in-situ materials.

This tentative agenda decision, including proposed reasons for not adding the items to the Board’s work program, is expected to be reconsidered at the Board meeting in May 2015. Constituents who disagree with the proposed reasons, or believe that the explanations may contribute to divergent practices, are encouraged to comment to the AASB by email to by 20th April 2015.

All submissions will be placed on the public record unless the Chair of the AASB agrees to submissions being treated as confidential. The latter will occur only if the public interest warrants such treatment.