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Differential Reporting Archive

Consultative Documents

Below are links to the various Consultative documents that have been issued during the implementation of the project. 

ITC 12
In May 2007, the AASB released Invitation to Comment 12 Request for Comment on a Proposed Revised Differential Reporting Regime for Australia and IASB Exposure Draft of A Proposed IFRS for Small and Medium-sized Entities (ITC 12).

  • Access submissions on ITC 12 here
  • Access the AASB submission on the IFRS for SMEs to the IASB

Consultation Paper
The AASB issued a Consultation Paper, titled Differential Financial Reporting – Reduced Disclosure Requirements in February 2010 (A draft of the document was made available on the AASB website in early December 2009).  The Consultation Paper proposed a second tier of GPFS reporting requirements (RDR) instead of the IFRS for SMEs that was proposed under
ITC 12.  The RDR involves recognition and measurement requirements of full IFRSs, as already adopted in Australia, with disclosures substantially reduced compared with those that would be required under full IFRSs as adopted in Australia. 

The AASB Consultation Paper includes background material on the RDR.  It sets out why the proposed RDR is more appropriate, at least at this time, than the IFRS for SMEs for the Australian environment on cost-benefit and user needs grounds and in view of the transaction neutrality policy applicable between the private and public sectors in Australian Accounting Standards.

ED 192
The AASB also issued Exposure Draft ED 192 Revised Differential Reporting Framework in February 2010 which were to be read in conjunction with the Consultation Paper noted above.  ED 192 proposed a revised differential reporting framework with RDR as a second Tier of reporting requirements for preparing GPFSs.  It also included proposed disclosures under the RDR.

  • Access submissions received on ED 192 (and AASB Consultation Paper)
  • Access archived analyses relating to proposed RDR disclosures under ED 192
  • Access archived analyses relating to proposed RDR disclosures prepared after publication of AASB 1053