The AASB is pleased to host the 2022 AASB Research Forum with RMIT College of Business and Law.

The AASB Research Forum is a premier annual event for researchers, practitioners and regulators interested in research on accounting standards and their implementation. Previous forums attracted more than 100 participants from all sectors.

"The AASB has the evidence-informed standard-setting framework for financial reporting standards that are embedded with the process of research, consultation and implementation. We look forward to working with RMIT University on the 2022 AASB Research Forum. This forum will be a great opportunity for researchers and participants to share current thinking and emerging issues surrounding accounting standards, their implementation and applying them in practice," says Dr Keith Kendall, AASB Chair.

Professor Robyn Moroney, Head of the Department of Accounting at RMIT University, says " It is important for academics to conduct impactful research that is relevant to practice. This opportunity will provide academics a platform to present their work, sharing their research at a local and international level. More importantly, such a forum will also provide an opportunity for academics to network with industry professionals and regulators, enhancing their research and professional knowledge".

The forum will be held on 5 December 2022. Invitations to the forum will be opened in October 2022. More details will be available on the AASB webpage closer to the date.

The following three research projects will be presented and discussed at the 2022 Research Forum:

Research Topic 1:

Exploring the Horizons of Financial Reporting

Michael Davern, University of Melbourne
Dean Hanlon, Monash
Ram Subramanian, CPA Australia
Nikole Gyles, AASB
Brad Potter, University of Melbourne
Janice Gu, University of Melbourne

Research Topic 2:

AASB Practice Statement 2 Making Material Judgements: Its impact on firms’ reporting and assurance practice on climate-related risk within and beyond financial statements, and capital markets

Kevin Thai, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Yang Xu, University of Queensland
Kathleen Herbohn, University of Queensland

Research Topic 3:

Improving the Visibility of Soil Health in Corporate Reporting

Nick Pawsey, Charles Sturt University
Francisco Ascu, Federation University
Ben Wills, Federation University



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