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Access restrictions apply to this area of the website

IASB support materials

Under the AASB's copyright agreement with the IASB, the IASB support materials (including IFRS Practice Statements) are accessible only to website visitors within Australia.

All other sections of the AASB website (including Standards and Interpretations) are accessible without restriction. In the Tables of Standards and of Interpretations, the pronouncement number provides the link to the document.

You have reached this page because the IP address through which you have sought access is not recognised as an Australian address.

If you are accessing the AASB website from within Australia, we can give you access to the IASB support materials as soon as we have checked some details with you. Please complete the form below (which will also provide us with the IP address) and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you are accessing the AASB website from outside Australia and wish to use the IASB support materials, you will need to use the IASB website,

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