Navigating the Accounting Standards

Dialogue Series – Navigating the Accounting Standards

The AASB, jointly with CPA Australia and CA ANZ, will hold a Dialogue Series on Wednesday, 4 October 2023 (4:00 PM-5:15 PM AEDT).

Please register via this link.


Janice Loftus, Associate Professor of Accounting at The University of Adelaide and a Fellow of CPA Australia

Janice Loftus is an associate professor of accounting at The University of Adelaide and a fellow of CPA Australia. She has published in a wide range of international and Australian accounting journals, including a recent article in Accounting & Finance on the understandability of accounting standards, co-authored with Bryan Howieson and Sabine Schuhrer. Janice has co-authored several textbooks on financial accounting and is the lead author of Financial Reporting, which is in its 4th edition. She is a member of the AASB’s Academic Advisory Panel, a long-standing member of the executive committee of the Financial Reporting Interest Group of the Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ) and an associate editor of the Australian Accounting Review.

Dr Sabine Schuhrer, Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide and Principal Adviser at the South Australian Department of Treasury and Finance

Sabine is a Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide Business School and a Principal Adviser at the South Australian Department of Treasury and Finance. Sabine has extensive experience in public sector accounting and accounting standard setting, having previously worked across Federal and State Governments in Australia, including for the Australian Accounting Standards Board and the South Australian Auditor-General, as well as a lecturer at the University of Adelaide. She has researched and published in these areas, including a recent article in Accounting & Finance on the understandability of accounting standards, co-authored with Bryan Howieson and Janice Loftus.

chelle Warren, Director of Financial Reporting at HLB Mann Judd (Australasia)

Michelle spent over a decade in external audit before making financial reporting and technical accounting her focus, gaining some industry experience at a large, ASX-listed retail group as group financial reporting manager before joining HLB Mann Judd in a technical capacity.

In her role as Director of Financial Reporting, Australasia at HLB Mann Judd, she is responsible for:

She enjoys breaking down the complexity of accounting standards and finding practical solutions through collaborative problem-solving.


Ram Subramanian, Senior Manager of Reporting and Audit Policy Team at CPA

Ram Subramanian is Senior Manager – Reporting and Audit Policy within the Policy & Advocacy team at CPA Australia.  Ram’s role involves effectively communicating key messages on financial reporting and audit matters to finance professionals and others with a stake in business and social organisations.  His responsibilities include formulating policy positions on behalf of CPA Australia and its members and commenting on reporting and audit developments, including input to developments in the not-for-profit and public sectors. Ram is also involved in the development of technical guidance and resources for CPA Australia’s membership and other stakeholders, and representing CPA Australia in various forums. Previously, Ram has worked in senior roles within the public practice sector in the United Kingdom for a number of years. Ram’s previous role involved managing the technical advisory services of a major professional accounting body in the United Kingdom. 


Clark Anstis, AASB Technical Principal

Clark has worked in accounting standard-setting roles in Australia, the USA and the UK since 1987.  His current principal responsibilities at the AASB cover many of the Accounting Standards-related projects, particularly public sector projects, and related regulatory matters.  Clark has been involved with many areas over the years, including implementation issues and four years as Technical Advisor to the Australian member of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board.  Clark currently holds the Technical Advisor role again.

Prior to becoming a standard setter, Clark worked for a predecessor firm of Ernst & Young, in auditing, technical and education roles, based in Melbourne, but also with experience in Singapore and Indonesia.


Dr Eric Lee, AASB Research Director

Eric has a wealth of expertise spanning 20 years in academic, Big Four accounting firms and standard-setting roles. He has a proven track record of producing independent analysis and research reports, tackling intricate accounting technical and reporting matters, forming strategies, leading extensive outreach activities, and engaging key stakeholders through various domestic and international presentations.

Currently serving as the AASB Research Director, he is the head of research and leads the AASB Research Centre with the primary responsibility to develop, implement and oversee the AASB’s research strategies that are coherent with the evidence-based approach to setting standards. He is tasked with initiating and managing research/thought-leadership projects that will inform AASB and international standard-setters about current and future accounting and reporting issues. He also plays a significant role in developing and building relationships with Australian and international researchers, policymakers, and standard setters.


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