Dr. Eric Lee - Research Director

Eric has a wealth of expertise spanning 20 years in academic, Big Four accounting firms and standard-setting roles. He has a proven track record of producing independent analysis and research reports, tackling intricate accounting technical and reporting matters, forming strategies, leading extensive outreach activities, and engaging key stakeholders through various domestic and international presentations.

Currently serving as the AASB Research Director, he is the head of research and leads the AASB Research Centre with the primary responsibility to develop, implement and oversee the AASB’s research strategies that are coherent with the evidence-based approach to setting standards. He is tasked with initiating and managing research/thought-leadership projects that will inform AASB and international standard-setters about current and future accounting and reporting issues. He also plays a significant role in developing and building relationships with Australian and international researchers, policymakers, and standard setters.

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