2021 Board Papers

AASB Agendas, Action Alerts, Minutes and Public Papers for 2021 AASB Board Meetings.

Board Meeting
Dates 2021
Agenda Board Papers Action Alert Minutes
February 24-25* 179 Available Available Available Available
April 20-21* 180 Available Available Available Available
June 21-22* 181 Available Available Available Available
Aug 4* 182 Available Available Available Available
Sep 8-9* 183 Available Available Available Available
Nov 10-11* 184 Available Available Available Available

* Meeting to be held by Videoconference


Meeting 10-11 November 2021. (No. 184)

Agenda Item No. Document Title
3.1 Cover memo: Fair Value Measurement for Not-for-Profit Entities
3.2 Staff paper: Draft modifications to AASB 13
3.3 Staff paper: Other measurement issues on which guidance has been requested
4.1 Staff Paper: Consideration of proposals and comparison to AASB 1060
5.1 Cover Memo: Insurance Activities in the Public Sector
5.2 Staff paper: Working draft ED

Staff paper: Risk adjustment – alignment of confidence levels

6.1 Cover Memo: Review of Intangible Assets Accounting Requirements – Revised Draft Staff Paper
7.1 Cover memo: Project overview
7.2 Staff paper: Tier 3 – primary financial statements
7.3 Staff paper: Tier 3 – leases
8.1 Staff paper: Alternative approaches to address disclosure problems
11.1 Staff Paper: Income of Not-for-Profit Entities (AASB 1058 and AASB 15 NFP guidance) – narrow-scope amendments
11.2 Staff Paper: Measurement of right-of-use assets from concessionary leases
12.1 Research Update
13.1 Documents open for comment
14.1 Cover memo: First-time adoption of AASB 1 by a subsidiary Exposure Draft
14.2 Pre ballot draft: Exposure Draft ED 3XX Application of AASB 1 by an Australian Subsidiary of an Overseas Parent – Transition Relief 
15.1 Staff paper: IASB ED/2021/6 proposals staff analysis
16.1 Staff paper: Disclosure of Accounting Policies – Proposed Amendments to Tier 2 and other Australian Accounting Standards
16.2 Pre-ballot Draft: AASB 2021-X Amendments to Australian Accounting Standards – Disclosure of Accounting Policies: Tier 2 and Other Australian Accounting Standards
17.0 Cover Memo: Other Business – Public
17.2 IPSASB meeting report – September 2021
17.3 Deferring the effective date of 2014 amendments to AASB 10 and AASB 128


Meeting 8-9 September 2021. (No. 183)

Agenda Item No.

Document Title


Cover memo


Staff Paper: Draft Comment Letter on IASB’s Third Agenda Consultation


Cover memo


Staff paper: Income of Not-for-Profit Entities


Staff paper: AASB draft ITC Agenda Consultation process


Draft ITC XX AASB Agenda Consultation 2022-2026


Staff paper: Education session and summary of feedback received to date on ED 311 Management Commentary


Slide deck on overview of ED 311 Management Commentary


Staff paper:  First-time adoption of AASB 1 by a subsidiary


Research Update


Documents open for comment


Cover memo: Insurance Activities in the Public Sector


Staff paper: Identifying and accounting for onerous contracts and related unit of account issues


Staff paper: Redeliberation of Scope and Risk adjustment topics


Staff paper: Measurement of investments backing insurance liabilities


Staff paper: Risk mitigation program costs and other similar costs


Staff paper: Captive insurers


Staff paper: Application of accounting policies for omitted topics and application of higher tier requirements


Cover memo: IPSASB Exposure Drafts on Public Sector Measurement


Staff paper: Summary of stakeholder feedback


Staff paper: Working draft submission


Staff Paper: Post Implementation Review Overview


Draft work plan for forthcoming Post-implementation Reviews of domestic Standards and Interpretations


Staff paper: summary and analysis of stakeholder feedback


Cover Memo: Other Business – Public


IPSASB meeting report – June and July 2021

Meeting 4 August 2021. (No. 182)

Agenda Item No.

Document Title


Staff paper: Business Combinations under Common Control


Cover memo: Primary objective and staff analysis and recommendations on topics to be included in Tier 3 discussion paper


Staff paper: Primary objective of setting Tier 3


Staff paper: Change in accounting policies and correction of errors


Cover memo


Staff paper: Working draft submission


Documents open for comment

Meeting 21-22 June 2021. (No. 181)

Agenda Item No.

Document Title


Cover memo: Staff analysis and recommendation on certain topics to be included in Tier 3 discussion paper


Staff Paper: Setting of Tier 3 reporting requirements in the context of Australian Accounting Standards


Staff paper: Tier 3 reporting control and related entities


Staff Paper: Agenda Consultation


Staff Paper: IASB Third Agenda Consultation


Staff Paper: Proposed amendments to the IFRS Foundation’s Constitution to Accommodate an International Sustainability Standards Board


Research Update


Staff paper: Regulatory Assets and Liabilities


Cover memo: Audit engagement-related disclosures


Staff paper: Audit Tenure



 Staff paper: Auditor Remuneration


Cover memo: Going Concern


Summary of AASB Virtual Roundtable on AASB ITC 42 Business Combinations under Common Control


Cover Memo: Project plan


Staff Paper: Overview of IPSASB EDs and the scope of the AASB’s submission to the IPSASB


Staff Paper: Current value measurement of operational assets


Cover Memo


Staff Paper: Discounting and inflating under AASB 17/NZ IFRS 17 by public sector entities


Staff Paper: Eligibility for the PAA under AASB 17/NZ IFRS 17 for public sector entities


Principles for assessing the applicability of disclosure-only amendments to Tier 1 Standards to AASB 1060


Possible amendments to AASB 1060 and other Standards following amendments to full IFRS Standards


AASB 1058 Income of Not-for-Profit Entities targeted outreach


Documents open for comment by other organisations


Cover memo - Other Business – Public


Ballot Draft AASB 2021-X Amendments to Australian Accounting Standards – Deferred Tax related to Assets and Liabilities arising from a Single Transaction

Meeting 20-21 April 2021. (No. 180)

Agenda Paper No. Document Title
3.1 SAC 1 for NFP entities and principles for Tier 3 reporting requirements
3.2 Scope of the NFP FRF discussion paper
3.3 Principles for Tier 3 reporting requirements
4.1 Further staff analysis and recommendation on responses to ED 291
4.2 Working Draft of the Amending Standard – NFP Definition and Guidance
6.0 Cover memo: Review of Intangible Assets Accounting Requirements – Update on Draft Staff Report
7.1 Staff Paper: Measurement of GORTO liability under the modified retrospective transition approach
8.0 Staff Paper: AASB Agenda Consultation
9.1 Staff Paper: PIR IFRS 10,11,12 Feedback
9.2 ITC 43 Submission – HoTARAC
10.1 Cover Memo Insurance Activities in the Public Sector
10.2 Staff Paper: Scope of application of AASB 17/NZ IFRS 17 to public sector entities
10.3 Staff Paper: Risk adjustments for non-financial risk
11.0 Staff Paper: Going Concern
13.0.0 Cover memo: Other business
13.1 Staff Paper: Documents open for comment
13.2 IPSASB Report – March 2021


Meeting 24-25 February 2021. (No. 179)

Agenda Paper No. Document Title
3.1 Staff paper: Scope of application of AASB 17/ PBE IFRS 17 to public sector entities
3.2 Staff paper: Joint AASB-NZASB project objectives and next steps
4.1 Agenda Consultation
5.1 Staff paper: Cover memo-Scope of the public consultation document
5.2 Staff paper: Possible differential reporting Tiers for not-for-profit private sector entities
5.3 Staff paper: Applicability of the different tiers to not-for-profit private sector entities
5.4 Staff paper: Scope of NFP FRF project – Service Performance Reporting
6.1 Slide deck: BCUCC DP Education Session
7.1 Staff paper: Analysis of submission on ED 306 and staff recommendations
8.1 Research Update
10.1 Staff paper: AASB SMCs to accompany IPSASB EDs relating to Measurement
10.2 Draft AASB ITC document to be issued together with IPSASB EDs
10.3 Staff paper: High-level summary of survey results
11.1.0 Staff paper: Auditor Remuneration Disclosures
12.0 Cover memo: Documents open for comment
12.1.1 Staff paper: ED 305 Lease liability in a Sale and Leaseback
13.0 Cover memo: other business - public
13.4 IPSASB report, December 2020
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